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How to change your body

As I looked at myself in the mirror, I hardly recognised myself. The blond hair was all gone, and instead I was looking at a smart brunette staring back at me. I felt that I knew her, but at the same time she was a bit of a stranger to me. So much had changed in the last couple of months since I broke up with my partner. I had left the London escorts service that I worked for and started to work for an elite London escorts service before. Altogether, it was a complete fresh start. Something that I had need very much.That morning as I slipped on my shoes to go into London escorts and I felt like a new person. Not only had I changed my hair colour, but I had also had those boob implants that I had promised myself for such a long time.

As I caught my image in the mirror in the lift, I thought that I looked great. More than anything I loved working for this new London escorts service. Many of the gents I was now dating were well to do, and some of them were on the verge of becoming friends. It was the first time I felt that I had a healthy attitude towards my job. Not only had I physically changed me. After my boob job, I had gone to see a personal shopper. I knew that I wanted to make a real go out of it at the new London escorts service I worked for, I really had to do a complete U-turn.

The personal shopper at the store in London had put me in touch with a new me, and I loved my new look. Instead of looking like a cheap slut like so many other girls at London escorts, I really did look like a classy girl. My new look had given me a real confidence boost and it was exactly what I needed.If you do want to change your body, it is a good to just do some “highlights” as I like to call them. Many girls at charlotte outcall escorts services throughout London have simply changed their bodies too much. They look like a parody of themselves and I think that they have lost what they used to be. Sure, I had my boobs done, and a few other nips and tucks, but I don’t like a Barbie doll. Instead I have focused on a natural look. Dont’ try to cop cat a celeb – it is not really what gentlemen are after at the end of the day.

My life is totally different now, and I enjoy it so much more. I am convinced that I have done the right thing. What about the future? Well, I am planning to stay on with London escorts for a few more years, and them we have to see what happens. I am not one of those London escorts who have left myself without options for the future. In fact, I have something really good to put on any future job applications. It is amazing how good small changes in your life can make you feel. I guess at the end of the day, it is all about taking control of your life.